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So you finally got a sweet deal from Countdown Deals range of washing machines. Get the device to perform its best and ensure that clothes come out fresh.

Whether you already own one and are just reading out some tips for your existing one, Countdown Deals always has your back. Read on to get the best wash results from your machine.

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Separate clothes according to colours.

Countdown Deals recommend separating clothes into four categories: whites, lights, darks, and delicates. You might also want to check your garments for stains to give them a pre-treatment to avoid rewashing them later.

Read garment care labels.

Labels are there for some reason. Before popping your favourite and expensive pieces into the washer, check the labels for the appropriate wash cycle and temperature set. This step might save you a few tears in the future.

Consider laundry bags for delicates.

Protect delicate pieces from snagging. That's why laundry bags are handy for underwear, silks, lingerie, and tights. If you forgot one, you could use pillowcases instead.

Know Where To Put Detergent

As much as possible, use the right amount of detergent. You can also follow some general guidelines such as follows:

  • When dealing with liquid detergents, use the measuring cup or dosing ball and place it in the drum after your clothes.
  • When dealing with powders, use the provided scoop and pour contents into the correct detergent drawer or compartment.
  • You can also try washing tablets or laundry capsules and just pop one at the back of the drum right before you place your clothes.

Leave your washer door open after use.

This step is essential as this will allow air to circulate in and out and prevent mould and mildew from growing. Closing your washer door after use can lead to nasty smells lingering.

Clean your washer.

Regularly cleaning your washer for a bit is an effective way to take care of your beloved appliance. Set the washer to hot cycle with a cup of white vinegar to help disinfect your machine.


DON'T overload your machine.

You're wrong if you think you are saving time and electricity when cramming up clothes. Doing this leads to more damage in the future, and your clothes won't have the proper cleaning. 

DON'T underload your machine.

Washing small loads with a large load cycle wastes extra water and energy.

DON'T leave small items in your pockets.

Always check for loose items in the pockets. Even a small fold of tissue can give clothes annoying white fluff.

DON'T put fabric conditioner anywhere.

Some fabric conditioners tend to stain clothes. Check your washer and find its correct compartment, usually marked with a flower.

DON'T use too much detergent.

Washers only work with the right amount of detergent. Extra soap doesn't mean extra cleaning and would tend to leave residue in clothes.

DON'T leave wet clothes in for too long.

Leaving wet clothes inside the washer can encourage mould build-up in the machine or the clothes, and they might even tend to smell funky when left for too long. Countdown Deals recommend removing articles of clothing as soon as possible or right after the rinse cycle whenever you can.

DON'T try to fix it yourself.

You will eventually encounter minor washing problems, and sometimes you can tackle them yourself with the help of user manuals. You might want to consult a professional when you experience more severe plumbing or electric issues.

That is why it is recommended to have washers from reputable brands such as Fisher & Paykel, LG, Samsung, Hisense, Haier, ChiQ, Electrolux, Beko, Panasonic, Simpson, and TCL. These brands are available in Countdown Deals and offer years of warranty for extra peace of mind. 

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