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Perhaps you snagged an excellent fridge deal from Countdown Deals, and you want to keep it in its pristine condition. Here are some care tips for your refrigerator. Proper care helps in efficiency and performance as well as saving energy and preventing food waste.

Countdown Deals Refrigerator Fridge

Set a proper location for your appliance

Avoid placing your refrigerators and freezers near a heat source or outside with direct sunlight. Being around warmer conditions will enable your appliance to work harder and will lead to increased energy costs. Countdown Deals recommends a cool, dry, and level space with adequate room at the back for air circulation.

Monitor the door seals

Check door seals regularly and make sure that they are free of food residue. You can clean them semi-annually with a toothbrush and a baking soda and water solution. 

Ensure that coils are clean

Condenser coils are prone to dust, and when they’re full of it, your fridge may not be able to run efficiently. You can check the coils on the back twice a year and have it vacuumed with a brush attachment. Make sure that you unplug your refrigerator before doing so.

Defrost regularly

Avoid ice build-up in freezers as it may lower the ref’s efficiency. This reduced efficiency may incur higher energy costs.

Get the right temperature

You should keep the ref temperature at or below 40° F (4° C).

Fill up your fridge

Most refrigerators need stuff (or thermal mass) to maintain low temperatures. These cooled food and drink items help absorb warmth whenever you open the door. If you’re not the type to buy lots of food for refrigerator storage, you can opt to place a few water jugs instead.

Prepare for power outages

Prevent opening ref doors during food outages as much as you can. If you’re hungry, you can prepare food from the pantry. During blackouts, unopened fridges usually keep the food cold for four hours.

Keep kids in check with refrigerators

You don’t know what’s on your kids’ minds. They tend to open and close the ref doors regularly to peek at their favourite snack and drinks. They might even do it out of fun and curiosity. It’s better to keep freezers locked and out of reach to kids to avoid accidents. You might even want to check if they properly closed the ref doors from time to time.

Always consider and remember your appliance’s warranty

Warranty is essential as it gives you extra peace of mind and protection from damages. Always go for quality and reputable brands such Panasonic, LG, Palsonic, CHiQ, LG, Fisher & Paykel, Hisense, Sharp, Samsung, Electrolux, Westinghouse, Haier, Kelvinator, and Teco. These brands are available in Countdown Deals and come with years of warranty.

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