edible good inside a freezer

Countdown Deals offers a range of freezer choices so you can select which type fits you best. They come in various sizes, styles, and colours and have a distinct purpose.


Chest Freezers

If you're on the practical side, then chest freezers are the economic ones in the market. This type is called chest freezers due to its large box or chest-like appearance with a hinged lid. Since its lid opens upward, chest freezers require space with sufficient headroom.


Chest freezers are commonly placed in the garage, basement, or utility room since it takes a lot of space. These freezers are great for storing bulky items or large cuts of meat that don't fit well in your fridge's freezer section.


Since most chest freezers do not have fans, air circulation is limited, and temperature tends to be inconsistent. However, as long as it maintains a temperature below freezing, this will function just fine and won't affect food negatively.


People who own chest freezers store large cuts of meat in the freezer's lower parts to preserve for months. They sometimes come with a basket for a more organized division and easy retrieval.


CHiQ 142L Hybrid Chest Freezer CCF142DW

Check out the CHiQ 142L Hybrid Chest Freezer CCF142DW in White. It is switchable between Refrigerator and Freezer by adjusting the thermostat. With wire mesh partition to separate the freezer space, for multi-space storage. This chest freezer has frost drain system design that makes easy access when defrosting and adjustable feet if you need to adjust the stability of the unit.


Upright Freezers

Upright freezers usually cost more than chest freezers, but they offer extra convenience.


Because of its vertical design, you can easily access freezing food whether you place it in the main kitchen, garage, or basement. There is only minimal need to bend as the upright freezers store meat on a shelf like a refrigerator. 


Upright freezers usually have an auto defrosting feature, making them easy to maintain and clean.


Haier HVF260WH3 258L Vertical Freezer

The Haier HVF260WH3 258L Vertical Freezer in White comes with a "super freeze" technology, an energy rating of 3.5, and an environmentally friendly refrigerant. This upright freezer also comes with a child lock for extra safety. You can place items comfortably in this 258L freezer as it comes with two top transparent, open lid shelves and four transparent drawers.


Portable Freezers

If you don't need anything big to freeze and require an extra freezer, then portable freezers might work for you. These freezers work great if you occasionally purchase large amounts of frozen goods or you need to transport items with convenience.


These freezers are ideal if you're on a trip or in a temporary home for picnics, boating, and other activities away from home. 


Teco 92L Vertical Freezer TVF92WMA

Get 92L of freezing goodness with the Teco TVF92WMA 92L Single Door Upright Freezer. This bar freezer has a thermostat control, adjustable front feet, a reversible door, and even slide-out storage baskets.


At Countdown Deals, we offer you different freezers for different needs. We have partnered with reputable brands such as Westinghouse, Haier, CHiQ, Teco, and Hisense to give you the sweetest deals in the market today.