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Are you feeling cold inside your home? Using a heater is a convenient way in raising room temperature for that comfortable, warm space. There are various styles and sizes available in the market. So now the question is, which you should choose?


Countdown Deals offers a range of heaters for your home. It can be as simple as an upright heater, just like the HELLER HUF6 2400W Upright Heater. It can also be modern and energy-saving, like the RINNAI ULT2IGN Ultima II Gunmetal Flued Inuilt Space NG Heater.

At Countdown Deals, we would like to help you choose which works best for you and your homes. We’ve listed items to consider when selecting a heater below.

Type of Heaters

You need to determine the type of heater you need for your space. There are numerous styles in the market, but it comes down to three heating technologies: radiant, convection, and fan-forced. Convection heaters work great in heating the whole room. Radiant heaters offer quick heating to a particular space, and fan-forced heaters use fans that blow air through a heating element. 

If you’re feeling a bit grand, you might want to check on the DIMPLEX STA20-AU 30 Inch 2000W Strata Mantel Electric Fireplace. This mimics the looks and feels of an actual fireplace while keeping its purpose of effectively warming up a room.

Heating Capacity

In choosing a heater, you must also identify the area you want to cover to determine the heating capacity that you need. You can select this by using the heater wattage rating.  It takes about 100 watts to cover a square meter of space. So a typical 2,400-watt heater like the DELONGHI TRRS1224T 2400W Column Oil Heater can cover an average-sized room. Note that this is just a general guideline, and there are other factors to consider, such as the heating technology, environment, and more.


If you’re big on conserving energy and monitoring electricity costs, it is an excellent move to note the heater’s efficiency. To keep your bills from getting out of hand, you can opt to choose energy-efficient heaters of just the right size. These heaters, like the RINNAI K559FTN 559FT Energysaver Flued Natural Gas Heater, are more expensive than the portable ones, but you will enjoy energy-saving, adjustable features, thermostat control, low wattage operation, and programmable timers that let you go easy on the power usage.

Safety Features

Every appliance is a potential fire hazard. That’s why it is crucial to choose products and brands that you can trust, just like what Countdown Deals offers. What you can also do is invest more in heaters that give you additional safety features such as cool-to-touch surfaces, timers, overheat protection, adjustable thermostats, and more.

You have all the right to choose which heater works best for you based on your budget, convenience, level of comfort, and frequency of use. Check out Countdown Deals range of heaters and stay warm during the cold season.


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