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Dimplex ETM20-AU 2kw Eltham Mantle Electric Fireplace 26 Inch LED Firebox
Dimplex DIMPLEX ETM20-AU 2kw Eltham Mantle 26 Inch LED Firebox
Sale price$2,505.00 Regular price$2,613.00
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Dimplex DCB05C 1.6kW Window Box Air Conditioner (Cooling)
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Dimplex 50CM High Velocity Wall Fan DCWF50MB (Black)
Dimplex DIMPLEX DCWF50MB 50CM High Velocity Wall Fan (Black)
Sale price$183.00 Regular price$209.00
Dimplex GDDE25E 25L Portable Dehumidifier with Electronic Control
Dimplex 50cm Box Fan DCBOX50MB (Matte Black)Dimplex 50cm Box Fan DCBOX50MB in living room (Matte Black)
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Dimplex RLY20-AU 2kW Optiflame Portable Electric Fire Heater
Dimplex DIMPLEX RLY20-AU 2kw Riley Electric Fire Heater
Sale price$298.00 Regular price$314.00
Dimplex DC14PAC 4kW Portable Air Conditioner
Dimplex WLL20 2kW Opti-myst 3D Willowbrook Portable Electric Stove Fireplace
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Dimplex Oakhurst 2kW Opti-myst Portable Electric Fire Stove
Dimplex Dimplex Oakhurst 2kW Optimyst 3D Electric Fire (Matte Black)
Sale price$1,045.00 Regular price$1,150.00
Save $9.00
Dimplex OFRC24TFNW 2.4kW Electric Eco Column Heater With Turbo Fan (White)
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Dimplex OFRC15TIW 1.5kw Eco Column Heater With Timer (White)
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Dimplex DC10RC 3kW Portable Reverse Cycle Air Conditioner
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Dimplex 97cm Tower Fan With LED Display DCTFE97
Dimplex DIMPLEX DCTFE97 97CM Tower Fan With LED Display
Sale price$136.00 Regular price$150.00
Save $182.00
Dimplex TLC20LX-AU 2kw Toluca Deluxe Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace
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Dimplex SWD20-AU 2kW 30 Inch Sherwood Mantle Revillusion Electric Firebox
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Dimplex MCFSTV12-AU 1.2kW Microstove Electric Fire Heater
Dimplex DIMPLEX MCFSTV12-AU 1.2kw Microstove Electric Fire
Sale price$183.00 Regular price$196.00
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Dimplex DCB07C Window/Wall Box Air Conditioning (Cooling)
Dimplex DIMPLEX DCB07C 2.2KW Box Air Conditioner (Cooling)
Sale price$527.00 Regular price$731.00
Save $26.00
Dimplex DCACM20 WhirlTech Air Circulator Fan
Dimplex DIMPLEX DCACM20 Whirltech Air Circulator Fan
Sale price$78.00 Regular price$104.00
Dimplex Tango 2kW Portable Electric Fire Heater with Optiflame coal effect
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Dimplex BLF3451AU 34" Prism Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace
Dimplex DIMPLEX BLF3451AU 34 Inch Prism Wall Mount Electric Fire
Sale price$1,363.00 Regular price$1,430.00
Save $154.00
Dimplex Featherstone Mantel Electric Fireplace LED Electric Firebox
Dimplex DIMPLEX Featherstone Mantle With LED Firebox
Sale price$2,459.00 Regular price$2,613.00
Save $14.00
Dimplex Queen Fitted Polyester Electric Blanket DHEBUQ
Dimplex DIMPLEX DHEBUQ Fitted Polyester Electric Blanket Queen
Sale price$147.00 Regular price$161.00
Save $95.00
Dimplex 2.4kW Ceramic Heater With Electronic Controls DHCER24E
Save $17.00
Dimplex OFRC24ECCB 2.4kW Premium Eco Column Heater With Timer
Save $322.00
Dimplex QRAD200 2000W Electric Radiator Panel Heater
Dimplex DIMPLEX QRAD200 2000W Radiator Panel Heater
Sale price$670.00 Regular price$992.00
Save $338.00
Dimplex DC17 Portable Air Conditioner (5.00kW Cooling Only)
Dimplex DIMPLEX DC17 Portable Air Conditioner (5.00kW Cooling-Only)
Sale price$1,021.00 Regular price$1,359.00
Save $286.00
Dimplex DC18 Portable Air Conditioner with Dehumidifier (5.3kW Cooling Only)
Dimplex 2kW Eltham Mantle Firebox ETM20AU
Dimplex 2KW Electric Fireplace KTN20-AU
Dimplex Dream Easy Micro Fleece Heated Throw DHDEHT
Dimplex 1.5kW Oil Column Heater OCR15FADimplex 1.5kW Oil Column Heater OCR15FA
Dimplex 2.4kW Oil Free Column Heater Thermostat ECR24Dimplex 2.4kW Oil Free Column Heater Thermostat ECR24
Dimplex Column Heater 1.5kw ECR15TIFDimplex Column Heater 1.5kw ECR15TIF
Dimplex DCFF40MB 40cm High Velocity Oscillating Floor Fan
Dimplex 2NC82434 Panel Heater with Bonus Timer
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Dimplex DCES09WIFI 2.5kw/2.6kw Cool Heat Air Conditioner With WiFi
Save $37.00
Dimplex DCACE20R WhirlTech Oscillating Fan & Air Circulator
Dimplex DIMPLEX DCACE20R Whirltech Oscillating Fan
Sale price$172.00 Regular price$209.00
Save $10.00
Dimplex DCMIST30 30cm Misting Fan
Dimplex DIMPLEX DCMIST30 30cm Misting Fan
Sale price$251.00 Regular price$261.00
Save $5.00
Dimplex DCTF10C Bladeless DC Tower Fan with Remote Control - Black
Dimplex DIMPLEX DCTF10C Bladeless DC Tower Fan Black
Sale price$204.00 Regular price$209.00
Save $13.00
Dimplex DCFF50BLK 50CM High Velocity Floor Fan (Black)
Dimplex DIMPLEX DCFF50BLK 50CM High Velocity Floor Fan (Black)
Sale price$160.00 Regular price$173.00
Save $4.00
Dimplex DCPF50MB 50cm High Velocity Pedestal Fan (Matte Black)

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