different types of washing machines

There are so many washing machine types and options in the market, and you might be wondering how to select one that's the right fit for your home. When choosing washers, you must consider many things, such as the type, capacity, size, wash cycles, efficiency, and price.

We make this dilemma easier at Countdown Deals by introducing you to the three most common washer types.

With so many washing machines in the market, knowing how each differs from others is vital to help you purchase which best fits your home. Countdown Deals introduces you to the market's three most common washer types below.

Top Load

If you have a tight budget, you might consider getting a Top Load instead of a Front Load washer since this is generally cheaper. This washer works by spinning laundry with a central agitator; however, you'll find newer models with none to create faster speed cycles. Though they may turn clothes faster, they may be pretty harsh on clothing. Top Loaders are cheaper upfront, but they will cost you more in the long run as they consume more water and energy.

If you have problems bending or kneeling, we recommend this type of washer as you can place your dirty laundry while standing up. Top Load Washers have a traditional vibe with some models that can wash large laundry loads.

The FISHER & PAYKEL WL8060P1 8kg Cleansmart Top Load Washer is one of Countdown Deals' bestsellers. It has a SmartDrive technology with three spin speeds and 12 wash cycles. You'll enjoy multiple features such as auto lint disposal, dual washing modes, and an eco-active wash that consumes less water than most traditional top loaders.

You can view more Top Load Washers in Countdown Deals with models that offer excellent efficiency on par with front-load washers.

Front Load

If you don't mind the cost and want the best washer for your home, then the Front Load Washer is also an excellent option. This washing machine spins fast, extracts more water, dries better, uses less water, and is more energy-efficient than other types. Some models even offer sanitation features for a deep clean. Plus, they work great with modern homes with their contemporary design.

They are easy to access with slight bending, even if you're a wheelchair user, and they're ideal for small laundry room spaces since they're stackable. If you're not physically fit to bend or kneel, you can place the machine on a counter or sturdy shelving to make operation easier.

Countdown Deals offers a range of Front Load Washers like the ELECTROLUX EWF9043BDWA 9kg Front Load Washing Machine. Unsurprisingly, this is one of our bestsellers as it has an extra large door opening and wash programs for delicates, whites, beddings, coloured clothing, and even wool. You can also save your favourite wash option for extra convenience.

Combination or Dual Washers

You can opt for Combination or Dual Washers if you want the best deal with just one appliance. This highly efficient washer has two compartments that allow you to deal with two sets of laundry simultaneously. Dual washing machines are great for those who want to cycle different amounts, cloth types or coloured fabrics concurrently. Some washers are both a washer and a dryer.

Check out the classic LG WV5-1408W + WTP20WY 10KG Twin Wash System washing machine that spins clothes separately and offers excellent results at an affordable price.

Countdown Deals offers Top Load Washers, Front Load Washers, and Dual Washers from reputable brands such as Fisher & Paykel, LG, Samsung, Haier, Simpson, Electrolux, Hisense, Panasonic, Beko, Westinghouse, CHiQ, and TCL. These different washing brands offer years of warranty to provide extra peace of mind.