rangehood in the kitchen

Having top-condition appliances in your home helps in preparing food quickly. A well-functioning range hood is a must-have for cooking meals that let off smoke.

Range hoods, also known as vent hoods, come in different sizes, types, and designs. They may differ on some features, but cleaning and maintaining hoods are usually the same.

If you're planning to have one, ensure that your range hood covers 50% of your burners. Otherwise, you'll have lots to maintain in the future. 

Countdown Deals offers easy cleaning and maintenance tips for your range hood so you can get the best out of your hood every time.

Check for Possible Range Hood Problems

Your range hood might still be operating, and you might notice it's having problems. Don't worry; it is typical for a hood to wear down with grease build-up, especially if you use it daily. That's why the initial step to tackling problems is to identify that there is a problem.

If your vent hood shows any of these signs below, you may need to check on your hood.

Smoke doesn't clear as it used to, even on its highest setting.

If the smoke does not clear even in its highest setting, an obstruction or clogging might be possible. A worn-out motor can also cause a similar problem. If you've checked on both and it still isn't the case, you can trace the air filters if they need a replacement or cleaning.

The motor makes humming noises.

Humming noises from the motor can usually be dealt with by cleaning. If this doesn't suffice, a repair or replacement may be necessary.

The buttons and lights don't work.

These electrical and wiring problems are traceable to your panel's control board. If you're not knowledgeable on these, you can ask for a professional inspection and fix.

Air Filter Cleaning

Range hoods usually have two kinds of filters which are metal and charcoal filters. Filters work by removing smoke and air particulates.


To clean a metal filter, you can remove it quickly and submerge it entirely with a degreasing solution. This process dissolves the grease build-up, and you can then wash it in warm, soapy water afterwards. You can also place the metal filter on a top rack of a dishwasher after degreasing it. Drying the filter before you reattach it is also essential.


Removing charcoal filters is usually the same process as removing metal filters. The only difference is that you can't clean charcoal filters as you'll need to replace them. We recommend changing the filter annually or earlier if you notice it's losing effectiveness.

Cleaning The Hood

Like most appliance cleaning, ensure that you've turned your range hood off and the stove underneath is also turned off and not hot. Cleaning the hood isn't complicated. You'll only need a non-abrasive cleaning spray or degreaser, and make sure to avoid spraying on the lighting and other electrical components.

Cleaning The Vent

We recommend having your vents from your hood to the outside checked regularly for grease build-up. Grease can sometimes impair your hood's functionality and, at worst, become a fire hazard. If you notice a build-up in your vents, contact cleaning experts ASAP.

Cleaning and Replacing Fan Motors

Fan motors from reputable brands are usually sturdy and won't need maintenance often. They sometime won't properly function when exposed to humidity and grease. So, when they do, you can try cleaning it with a degreaser. If cleaning doesn't work anymore, you may likely need a replacement.

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